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2016 Diego

2016 Diego

San Francisco: Latinos en ExtasisLatinos en Extasis

The Mission Neighborhood Health Center (MNHC) in San Francisco offers a Latino youth program, Latinos en Extasis, focusing on HIV, sexually transmitted disease (STD), and pregnancy prevention. The youth-focused, peer intervention program works to increase risk prevention, improve self-esteem among Latino youth ages 13 to 18, and improve communication skills for negotiating birth control and condom use. Based on Diffusion of Innovation Theory (DIT), the program builds on the social influence of community leaders and peer educators.

Kids with Camera

The “Kids with Camera” program provides encouragement for kids to explore and photograph scenes that depict a unique and insightful perspective of their own lives in their world as they see it.  Armed with only camera students can discover new and creative outlets to express themselves. In addition, they are introduced to a completely different culture giving them the opportunity to develop their creativity, building self-confidence, and gaining new life perspectives through the lenses of the camera.