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Group Shot

Group Shot

2010 Olasiti Orphans Center

Many orphans must live on the street without adult guidance, or have only loose connections to extended families. This makes them vulnerable to anti-social behavior, drug abuse, or sexual abuse.  Although the orphans are the object of pity, they are also seen as an unwanted burden, and suffer from the stigma of their parents' death from AIDS. They don't want to be beggars -- they want to be productive!  The Olasiti Orphans Community Center:

  • Produces arts and crafts projects to generate income and enhance self-expression through the Arts Club.

  • Provides education about ecology and the environment through the Birding Club.

  • Organizes field trips to nearby national parks, enabling children to see their natural resources.

  • Provides education about AIDS prevention, drug abuse prevention, and birth control.

  • Runs a preschool program for five-year-olds.

  • Promotes the experience of cultural belonging by serving as a safe place for homeless children.

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